Complaints Policy

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COMPLAINTS PROCEDURE - this procedure applies to all people and in all circumstance and with regard to all issues, including curriculum matters.

Our school procedure for dealing with complaints is as follows:-

We expect all our pupils, staff and parents to listen carefully and respectfully to each other.

Verbal or physical abuse will not be tolerated.


A complaint might be about organisation, curriculum content, management, equality of opportunity, inter-personal relationships etc.

Parents or Carers:

Minor complaints should be directed to the class teacher. If the complaint is not dealt with successfully, contact the Headteacher.

All serious matters should be explained to the Headteacher. Should this not be appropriate, complaints should be made known to the Chair of the Governing Body.

We value partnership with parents and would invite parents/carers to share with us any matters of concern regarding their child. The Headteacher will always meet concerned parents in order to resolve difficulties.

A parent who is still not satisfied should contact the Chair of Governors.

A complaint can also be made directly to the Education Committee. 

Staff and other adults:

Staff and other adults who wish to make a complaint are invited to take appropriate action with respect to speaking to the appropriate colleague. If the problem is not satisfactorily resolved, the issue should be taken to the Headteacher or the Chair of Governors.

In exceptional cases, an adult may also wish to involve their Trade Union. 

See also School Dignity Policy, Anti-Harassment Policy

Up-dated: 1/07/16


Adopted by Governors 28th Sept 2016


Fox Hollies School
Highbury Community Campus
Queensbridge Road
Birmingham B13 8QB



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