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As part of our on-going commitment to transparency and excellence in everything we do, we have provided here detailed information on our policies and procedures. You can review highlights of each document on the site or use the download each document individually for printing.

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1.         CHARGES
            1.1       To make charges for all activities for which charging is allowed under the Education Reform Act 1988.
            1.2       To recover as much of the expenditure as is permitted on the basis of the cost to each individual pupil participating in the activity.
            1.3       To provide for the need to subsidise charges for pupils whose parents are in receipt of Income Support, Family Credit or Universal Benefit in line with the L.A.'s current policy for in-school time activities.
            2.1       In the majority of instances where activities incur costs to the School such activities are outside the remit the above charging policy.
            2.2       The School will seek to cover these costs by inviting voluntary contributions from parents or guardians (under section 118 of the Act) with reduced charges or payment from the Pupil Premium.
2.3       In all instances where an activity can only be provided if funded from voluntary contributions the Governing Body through the Headteacher will make it clear to parents at the outset in an explanatory invitational letter.
In certain instances the School will reserve the right to inform parents that the activity will not take place if they are reluctant to support it.
            2.4       No student shall be discriminated against because of a parent's unwillingness or inability to contribute voluntarily.
2.5       Budgeting for each activity will require detailed costing analysis and will include all costs for accompanying staff.  This informs internal accounting purposes. A breakdown of costs will be made freely available to any parent wishing to examine them.
2.6          Any shortfall of income from voluntary income over total expenditure will be met from an identified budget or the School fund.  

 Out of Hours Learning (OOHL) Opportunities.
3.1          There will be a charge for out of school activities and holiday play schemes with reduced charges or payment from the Pupil Premium for pupils who are entitled to free school meals.
3.2          A charge will be made for refreshments provided at the school.


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