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GDPR Privacy Notice. May 2018.

Fox Hollies School

GDPR Privacy Notice



The legal grounds for using your information


This is common for all personal and sensitive data we collect and process about staff, volunteers, pupils, parents, carers and any other individuals.


Some data is more sensitive than other types of data. These special categories are as follows: personal information revealing racial or ethnic origin, political opinions, religious or philosophical beliefs, trade union membership, genetic information, biometric information, health information, and information about orientation.


Legitimate interests


This means that the processing is necessary for legitimate interests except where the processing is unfair to you. The School relies on legitimate interests for many of the ways in which it uses information.


Specifically, the school has a legitimate interest in:

  • Providing educational services to pupils
  • Safeguarding and promoting the welfare of pupils and staff
  • Promoting the objects and interests of the school
  • Ensuring the efficient operation of the school
  • Compliance with all relevant legal obligations of the school
  • Keeping the whole school community informed about events, news and activities
  • Fulfilling an employment contract


Why do we collect and use pupil information?


We use the pupil data:

  • to support pupil learning
  • to monitor and report on pupil progress
  • to provide appropriate pastoral care
  • to assess the quality of our services
  • to comply with the law regarding data sharing


The categories of pupil information that we collect, hold and share include:


Contact details (including parental & emergency contact details), national curriculum assessment results, attendance information, any exclusion information, where they go after they leave us, and personal characteristics such as their ethnic group and any special educational needs they may have as well. Also, we hold relevant medical information as well as safeguarding information if appropriate.


Who do we share pupil information with?


We routinely share pupil information with:

  • Schools that the pupils attend after leaving us
  • Our local authority
  • The Department for Education (DfE)
  • School Nurse
  • NHS


Why we share pupil information


We do not share information about our pupils with anyone without consent unless the law and our policies allow us to do so.


We share pupils’ data with the Department for Education (DfE) on a statutory basis. This data sharing underpins school funding and educational attainment policy and monitoring.


We are required to share information about our pupils with our local authority (LA) and the Department for Education (DfE) under section 3 of The Education (Information About Individual Pupils) (England) Regulations 2013.


Why do we collect and use employee information?


We process personal data relating to those we employ to work at, or otherwise engage to work at, our school. This is for employment purposes to assist in the running of the school and to enable individuals to be paid. The collection of this information will benefit both national and local users by:


  • improving the management of workforce data across the sector
  • enabling development of a comprehensive picture of the workforce and how it is deployed
  • informing the development of recruitment and retention policies
  • allowing better financial modelling and planning
  • enabling ethnicity and disability monitoring; and
  • supporting the work of the School Teachers’ Review Body


This personal data includes identifiers such as names and National Insurance numbers and characteristics such as ethnic group, employment contracts and remuneration details, qualifications and absence information.


We will not share information about you with third parties without your consent unless the law allows us to. We are required, by law, to pass on some of this personal data to:

  • our local authority
  • the Department for Education (DfE)


If you require more information about how we and/or DfE store and use your personal data please visit:



Necessary for a contract


Information about individuals may be necessary to perform our obligations under our contracts.

For example, maintaining the school Management Information System database.




Legal obligation


Much of school life is governed by legal obligations to supply information to organisations such as the Department for Education or Local Authority or HMRC. We may also have to disclose information to third parties such as the courts, Disclosure and Barring Service or the police where legally obliged to do so.


Vital interests


For example, to prevent someone from being seriously harmed or killed.


Public interest


The School considers that it is acting in the public interest when providing education. Certain regulations, DfE and Local Authority, health and other guidance may require the school to process data in the public interest.


Legal claims:


The processing is necessary for the establishment, exercise or defence of legal claims. This allows us to share information with our legal advisors and insurers.


Your rights


What decisions can you make about your information?


From May 2018 data protection legislation gives you a number of rights regarding your information. Some of these are new rights whilst others build on your existing rights.


Your rights are as follows:


  • you can ask what information we hold about you and be provided with a copy. Sometimes we are not able to share all the information, but this is set out in our Subject Access Policy
  • if information is incorrect you can ask us to correct it
  • you can ask us to delete the information that we hold about you or your child in certain circumstances. For example, where we no longer need the information;
  • you can ask us to send you, or another organisation, certain types of information about you in a format that can be read by computer – this does not apply to pupil records as these are transferred by a DfE process called the Common Transfer File
  • our use of information about you may be restricted in some cases. For example, if you tell us that the information is inaccurate we can only use it for limited purposes while we check its accuracy


If you disagree with any decision we make about your data you can use our complaints policy, you also have the right to make a complaint to the Information Commissioner, and sometimes to the Information Tribunal or through the court process.  Our complaints policy is available on the website.


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