• Traditional whole school production
    Traditional whole school production
  • Opening of our new classrooms
    Opening of our new classrooms
  • Valentines disco and Drama club production
    Valentines disco and Drama club production
  • Whole School Production.
    Whole School Production.
  • The Friends of Fox Hollies
    The Friends of Fox Hollies
  • Summer scheme 2016
    Summer scheme 2016


Whole School Production.

Autumn Term saw the Fox Hollies Traditional whole school production which was designed around “Alice in Wonderland”. Many of the pupils are old troopers who have been in shows, at school and in Professional Theatres, for others, this is their first time.  Each class took elements of the story to kickstart a small scene, we did not try to retell the story. 

Our young Dance group ‘Junior Freefall’  recreated the dance of the cards. Our new year 7’s took the poem ‘Never Smile at a Crocodile’  and treated us to an ancient Egyptian Pyramid complete with Mummies and a very hungry  Nile Crocodile.... and so it went on with each scene becoming stranger than the one before (I’ m sure that Lewis Carol would have enjoyed it!). 

“Coughs and Sneezes” wrote Lewis... We took the Euro Funk track ‘The Sneezing Song’  and Funked on down. Somehow our  year 10’s took us to meet Fred Astaire with the Jazziest set of cards you could imagine. 12 dancing Lobsters later we met our year 11’s. Then to our FE department.... ‘I’ m late, I’m late said the White Rabbit...' which led to an inspired Pink Floyd workout on ‘Time’ from ‘Dark Side Of The Moon’.

Our Year 13’ s somehow managed to let the Owl and The Pussycat meet Bill Hayley and Chuck Berry for a Rock and Roll extravaganza. Wonderland became ‘Boogie Wonderland’  for a disco themed Finale, before the whole school was brought on to receive thunderous applause. What a joy to see the new students to Fox Hollies  having such fun and owning the stage, and our seasoned troopers making the most of their time in the Limelight. 

We hope that as families see the performances they realise how gifted their children are. We hope that this will mean that families are happy to trudge out on dark wintry nights and pick up their youngsters from drama and dance clubs. Onwards and upwards... next year a ‘Tribute to Roald Dahl. 


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