• Summerscheme 2016
    Summerscheme 2016
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    Industry Project 2016
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    Pride in Achievement


Summerscheme 2016

Every summer since 1992 we have run an Arts summer scheme. We replicate the feel of a small company. This year 60+ pupils devised, rehearsed, and performed a new production ‘Margarita’s book of Magical Memories’. We try to use the same group of artists so that we can work with ease and speed. Participants choose to be set designers, digital artists, programme makers, Dancers, Actors or musicians. The end performance is always about an hour long and is a genuine surprise to all the staff as we never know what direction the young people will take us on. We only give them a title and an opening idea, the rest is up to them.... 

This year was no exception ‘Margarita’ was the name of a block of flats due for demolition... it was also a Parrot ... and eerily to mind reading sisters who ran the local radio repair shop. Anna Ryder is a very talented folk musician and has run the music group for ever and a bit. The young people who work with her form a band and create all of the music for the show, including music for the dancers and FX for the actors. 

This year we were treated to a parrot waltz, Science fiction radio music, a musical face off between Punk Rockers and Morris Dancers ‘OUCH!’ and some lovely heartfelt ballads composed entirely by pupils. The Dancers took great delight in switching between traditional folk Morris moves and Energetic pogo-ing. They also captured a beautiful feeling of loss as they explored the demolition of the Tower Block. Our Actor wove the dance and music together as a group of kids who discover an old scrap book in the abandoned tower Block. They turn each page and Scooby Doo style try to solve the Mystery of Margarita Towers. All of this was performed in front of ever changing projection that illuminated each scene, and was surrounded by two 20 foot high Tower Blocks created by the set designers. 

Families were kept up to date each evening by a new batch of pictures on the scheme blog. The final performance played to standing room only and proved once again how talented our young people are.


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