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    Summerscheme 2016
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    Industry Project 2016
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Industry Project 2016

Every year the 14-19 Department collapses the timetable and studies the world of work in an intensive fortnight. In the past we have:- Made and marketed a CD single, Set up a Cinema, Made fast food Pizza deliveries for all classes, put on a picnic for younger children.... the list goes on. 

The focus is to look at all of the different jobs that contribute to an end product. When we made the CD single a group were the band, another the recording engineers. A group made Artwork for the CD cover and Promotional posters. Our PR group contacted a local radio station and set up an interview, another group distributed finished CD’s to customers. 

This year we looked at the jobs associated with running a charitable event. We joined the ‘Wear it Wild’ campaign raising money for endangered species. An animal man came into school and brought some rare animals with him some of whom exist only because they were in 'captivity'. We loved the Skunk and the Axolotyl. 

Pupils split into specialist groups. One group planned and rehearsed a wildlife themed catwalk fashion show which they performed in our wildlife garden, another made animal themed entertainment games ‘bug racing’ and ‘Ring a Rhino’ were very popular with the visitors. Our catering team made and served animal themed cocktails, teas, coffees and cakes. We opened a drop in shop selling garden wildlife themed items. The event was advertised by our marketing group who also made sure that the venue was safe and had all of the facilities needed, they also checked all of the weather forecasts and made sure that we had a wet weather alternative. 

We were lucky it was a lovely sunny day. The event was very well attended by parents and local folks. We raised well over £200, a target set because it raised money for Rangers to track Tigers in the wild. The pupils felt that they had done something positive to help make their world a better place.


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