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Fox Hollies Special School

Fox Hollies Special School

Students in this pathway have exceptional special needs and follow a very individualised curriculum to allow them to manage routines and structure to de-escalate their high levels of anxiety and find more positive means of communicating wants and needs. Ratios of staff to students is high to support behaviours safely within these classrooms.

Students may be functioning across all 3 learning pathways and so where relevant, links are made with other pathways in school to access curriculum opportunities dependent on age and stage.

Communication skills are developed through an augmentative and alternative approach which is adapted according to each individual need.  We use a range of communication styles to enable learning including Makaton sign, PECS, objects of reference and spoken language.

The focus of Pathway 4 is to enable students to develop effective means of communicating their wants and needs and develop positive relationships and greater tolerance of others. This, combined with a focus on developing independence through acquisition of life and functional core skills will enable a smoother transition into adult provision.


Welcome to Pathway 4's class page where we will post information about what your child is learning at school, along with updates and any ideas or activities for home learning.