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Fox Hollies Special School

Fox Hollies Special School

Pathway 3  Curriculum Grid Autumn 2022

Key Text:

‘Here We Are: Notes for living on Planet Earth’ by Oliver Jeffers.


Pupils will produce a guide to Planet Earth for someone who has never visited before. This will include some of the wonderful things that are on Earth and how to care for the planet.


Pupils will focus on shape and how different shapes relate to space and the planets.

Global Learning

Features of Earth – rivers, mountains, volcanos. How the earth fits into the wider universe and how humans influence earth events. How humans relate to other species and the responsibility that we have towards them and our planet.

Science/Outdoor learning

The solar system – how this influences day, night and the seasons.

The effect of seasons on plant growth and weather.

Cookery,  Design Technology

Learning basic kitchen skills to make a snack or meal. Baking items to sell at the Winter Festival.

Making a model – ‘SPACE’.


Football – preparing for the World Cup.


‘This is Me’. Pupils will learn about the human body and the changes which take place as they grow and age.

Creative Arts

Pupils will use the theme of Space and Our Planet to create dance, music and art pieces to be shared at the Winter Festival.

Supporting learning at home: Read together ‘Notes for Living on Planet Earth’ by Oliver Jeffers -

Make a ‘Space’ model using items from the recycling bin – maybe a rocket? A planet? An astronaut? Talk about recycling different materials to help care for our planet Earth.