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Fox Hollies Special School

Fox Hollies Special School

Please click on the attachments below for letters and information relating to school operation during the coronavirus pandemic 



Dear Parents and Carers

We have been made aware of a damaging video, circulating on TIKTOK, SNAPCHAT, WHATSAPP/TWITTER, INSTAGRAM, YOUTUBE

It may be that your child does not use these apps, however, siblings may so we need to make you aware. 

There is an extremely upsetting and highly graphic video currently trending on TikTok of a man live-streaming his suicide. Whilst TikTok have stated that they are doing their best to remove the video, it has been shared across all social media platforms hundreds of thousands of times including under fake captions which children could easily click on. Some captions on TikTok are as trivial as ‘look at the pasta I cooked tonight’ before the video then plays therefore children can come across the video without even searching for it.

We cannot state enough that this video is extremely distressing and we urge children, parents and carers to avoid the app whilst this video is in such high circulation.

If your child has witnessed the video please let us know so we can support them in school. 

Sinead Davies 

Head Teacher