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Fox Hollies Special School

Fox Hollies Special School

We would like to challenge all of our Fox Hollies Families to the:

‘Great Fox Hollies Grow Off’

The Challenge:  To grow and record the growth of a sunflower seed/s

What you will need:

  • Sunflower Seeds (these can be bought from your local supermarket, whilst you shop for your essentials)
  • Plant Pot (any plant pot will do)
  •  Soil (preferably compost, but soil from the garden is fine)

The documents below will support you and your family to plant and look after the growth of a Sunflower.

If you can send photos via the e-mail then (with your permission) we will upload the photos onto the website for all to see.




 Sunflower Cycle 

  Sunflower Lifecycle  Worksheets

 Sunflower Diary Writing Frame.

 Sunflower Lifecycle Word Mat

 Sunflower Lifecycle  Display Photos