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Fox Hollies Special School

Fox Hollies Special School

Fox Hollies is a local authority maintained special school for pupils aged 11-19 years. Our pupils experience great difficulty in learning basic skills, and we work with them and their parents or carers to understand these and address them. Most skills are taught in very small steps to ensure success. 

Our classes typically have eleven pupils based with a teacher and three teaching assistants. This helps staff to get to know each pupil really well and give them support for their individual needs. Each class contains pupils who are usually of the same age. Pupils move up through the school in this class group of young people who have a wide range of needs.

We offer a personalised curriculum to each of our pupils. We focus closely on individual education plans that are informed by the pupils themselves and their parents or carers whom we invite to meet with staff each term. We teach our pupils the skills that parents have told us are most important : communication, relating to others, and every day independence. 

In Key Stage 3 (Lower School aged 11-14) we build on learning in pupils’ previous schools and use a “little and often” approach to help pupils achieve their individual targets that include English, Mathematics, relating to others and life skills. Most teaching is in class groups.

In Middle School We provide individualised 1 to 1 education for up to ten pupils with complex needs.

In Key Stage 4 (Upper School aged 14-16) we continue this by linking it to real life settings such as cooking, horticulture and shopping. Other pupils learn to explore the world through their senses. Pupils are taught for part of the timetable as classes and at other times in small groups based on their needs. They begin to work towards qualifications that are linked to their individual needs and ability. 
In Key Stages 5 (Further Education 16-19) the curriculum focuses on developing the skills required by pupils in preparation for their personal destination beyond school and for adult life. 

Extra curricula activities such as community visits, out of hours clubs, residential experiences and the strong ethos and family atmosphere of our school play a major part in our pupils becoming confident and outgoing young adults by the time they leave our school.