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Fox Hollies Special School

Fox Hollies Special School

Each class elects a Student Council Rep at the start of the academic year. The Reps meet and are facilitated by Ruth Henderson. They ask their classes for Agenda items and reach decisions by voting. They pass back the decisions to their classes.

The Council have access to a budget enabling them to make changes on behalf of the pupils. They have supported playground improvements, influenced Leisure choices, added items to the dinner menu and created the school rules. Recently they have interviewed candidates for senior roles and are joining a working party on the school environment.

At Fox Hollies the pupils have a real voice. Each class elects a representative to the Student Council.  The Council meets regularly and is active in improving the life of pupils at Fox Hollies. 

Examples include Our School Rules, which are rules for Pupils and Staff alike. All classes submit their ideas to their Rep who then meets all the other Reps who decide on what to do. Elections are held and majority votes  The Council have met with contractors and made changes to our playground space with the inclusion of shelter huts for chatting and role play. More recently they were involved in the appointment of new caterers, and in saying what food they would like on the Menu.

The Council met and prepared questions for all three of our senior appointments, Head Teacher, Deputy Head and assistant Head. As the successful Head Teacher it was a joy to be interviewed by the Council who had constructed some very appropriate questions. I was asked what I liked about Fox Hollies and was there anything I would change.

Each term the Council get the views of their class and put together a list of desired Leisure options. Teachers then look at theses and decide which ones they could run. It is vital that our young people have the chance to develop and practice hobbies and interests. Over the past few years popular Leisure options have included Bowling, Climbing, Fun With Food, Computer Games, Fashion and Make-up, Drumming and Singing. In the past Staff have put in A Dragon’s Lair type pitch in order to persuade the Council to let them run a certain activity. I was turned down when I asked to run cartoon making sessions! The Leisure sessions are the only time in the week where pupils of all ages can be in the same group. As such 11 year olds and 19 year olds meet as friends sharing a common interest