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Fox Hollies Special School

Fox Hollies Special School

Personal and Intimate Care

At Fox Hollies we have many students who, because of their disabilities are unable to undertake their own personal and intimate care which can make them especially vulnerable. Our policy has been developed to safeguard our students and staff and applies to everyone involved in the intimate and personal care of our children and young people.

On entry to the school parents and carers should inform school staff of the level of personal care required for their child and agree a plan with staff as to how this should be managed. Where possible the student should have input in to this plan.

Consideration should be given to the following:

  • Care required
  • Number of staff needed to carry out the task (if more than one person is required, reason will be documented)
  • Additional equipment/ products required
  • Child or young person’s preferred means of communication
  • Child or young person’s ability i.e. what tasks they are able to do by themselves
  • Acknowledge and respect for any cultural or religious sensitivities related to aspects of intimate care

As the child/young person moves through the school, this plan should be regularly monitored and reviewed and updated information shared between home and school to reflect changing needs.

Parents and carers are asked to supply the following:

  • Spare nappies/pads
  • Sanitary towles for menstruation
  • Wipes/creams if school wipes are not appropriate (please make us aware of any allergies)
  • Spare clothes including underwear

Spare clothes are kept in the bathrooms for emergencies; however, parents and carers are asked to send additional underwear if they know their child may need it.