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Fox Hollies Special School

Fox Hollies Special School



Number and Counting

  • Daily opportunities for Number and Counting within a range of lessons and daily practical experiences.
  • Maths songs and games, counting forwards and backwards.
  • Counting objects, addition and subtraction.
  • Number recognition, rote counting.  

Sorting and Sequencing

  • Key Stage 3- Sorting by colour, shape and size.
  • Sequencing and ordering – using language first, second, third, last. Sequencing timetable and sequencing events.
  • Key Stage 4- Sorting and recording into sets, bar charts, pictograms and tally charts.
  • Sequencing and using language for passing of time- before, after, now next, first, second, third, fourth

Physical Education

  • Daily access to movement activities at playtimes.
  • Weekly PE sessions– KS3- Dance and sitting volleyball
  • KS4 and 5- Dance and Sitting volleyball
  • Weekly access to school community including the garden and access to trampoline.

Creative Learning– All Key Stages

  • Key Stage 3- Printing—Block printing, stencil printing and Pop art
  • Key Stage 4 and 5

Pottery with Artist in residence

Design and technology-Weaving and collage in the classroom and garden.

  • MusicFocus on instruments in relation to pitch and rhythm. Create Spring themed musical pieces as a group.
  • Putting on a group performance




  • Reading Topic book for term – Key Stage 3 – How do apples grow  Jill Macdonald  Key Stage 4 Secrets of the Vegetable Garden (Shine-A Light Books) Carron Brown
  • Weekly reading of Rapid reading/PM reading and Symbols making sense scheme books.
  • Personalised symbol books based on Life Cycles and wildlife.
  • Personalised stories about the big bird watch.
  • Daily opportunities for reading symbols, cue card and symbol sentences.
  • Sequencing a story- sequencing a sentence and using colourful semantics.
  • Reading non-fiction texts.
  • Writing
  • Writing, tracing and copying key vocabulary, ingredients, names and places related to the topic theme, as well as individually motivating / relevant words.
  • Writing labels for life cycles- Key stage 3
  • Writing facts about life cycles- Key stage 4
  • Writing sentences for sequences.
  • Writing invitations and making cards.
  • Writing ingredients and instructions for snacks.
  • Speaking and Listening
  • Expressive communication through PECS, using Communication books, Makaton and vocalising.
  • Group storytelling and turn taking, listening and responding to requests.
  • Teaching topic related vocabulary and signs, modelling key words and sentences.
  • Using colourful semantics approach to build vocabulary and structure.
  • Listening and following instructions.

RHSE- SRE – All key stages

  • 5 ways to wellbeing-
  • Emotional wellbeing
  • Being Active
  • Self-care
  • Who can help us
  • Healthy eating
  • Illness and medication
  • Drugs and alcohol
  • Safety in the home.





 Scientific and Historical Learning

Key Stage 3-Name features of plants and animals. Living things and life cycles- plants, humans and birds. Growing plants and seeds. Sequencing and using language 1st, 2nd, 3rd, now next.

Key Stage 4-. Identify and classify plants and animals. Living things – life cycle of plants/ human and wildlife- frogs, birds etc. Growing beans, plants, bulbs and vegetables. Sequencing and using language, now, next, before, after.

Geographical knowledge

Key Stage 3- Looking at and recognising physical and human features of the school and local environment, different buildings, shops, parks, etc.

Key Stage 4- Sorting and naming physical and human features of school and Kings Heath environment. Exploring the local environment and some using directional language, creating simple maps of the school grounds and garden.

 Food technology   Key Stage 3 and 4 Making recipes using fruit and vegetables-Apple crumble, Potato salad, vegetable salad. Key Stage 5 Preparing a range of drinks and snacks.


Assembly themes and RE - All Key stages

  • New year
  • Martin Luther King
  • Chinese New Year
  • Safer internet day
  • Valentines’ day
  • Water safety day
  • Holi
  • Easter  

Preparing for Adulthood  Key Stage 5


Daily experiences and activities under the 4 PFA outcomes…

1.Employment – Work related learning around  the school, cleaning and organising in food tech room and flat.

2. Independent Living – Cooking skills, household skills and cleaning in flat. 3. Community Inclusion – Visits to a range of community settings- Different shops, cafes, park, library and museum. 4. Health- Preparing healthy meals and snacks. Engaging in exercise, physio programmes and therapies to promote wellbeing.