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Fox Hollies Special School

Fox Hollies Special School


Year 3

Planet Earth and Our Solar System


Key concept:  Making sense of our world and our role in it, looking to our future

Life Cycles and Ecosystems


Key concept:  Looking after our local environment, taking responsibility


Seeking Refuge

Key concept:  Looking after each other:

compassion, tolerance, empathy and acceptance

Key text(s)/hook


Key Stage 3

Solar System – Gill Macdonald

Key Stage 4

Goodnight Spaceman- Michelle Robinson and Nick East


The Solar System- Dr.Dhoot


Google earth/Images of Earth/Space

Key text(s)/hook


‘Belonging’ Jeannie Baker


‘The Little Gardener’ Emily Hughes


Secrets of the Vegetable Garden (Shine-A Light Books) Carron Brown


‘The Lost Words’ Robert Macfarlane & Jackie Morris

‘Window’ Jeannie Baker

Information texts/photos about wildlife

Possible visit- Sarehole Mill- pond dipping.

Key text(s)/hook


‘The Island’ Armin Greder


‘The Journey’ Francesa Sanna


Procedural Knowledge: Sequencing and labelling



Rhyming couplets and poetry

Non Fiction facts


Procedural Knowledge: Use knowledge of local eco-systems to work on a project that will attract wildlife into an area/protect that environment


Work with the local community organisations to undertake a project e.g Thrive


Procedural Knowledge: Agree basic values/rules for an imaginary island


As above and incorporate rights and responsibilities



KS3- Reading – Colourful Semantics, Symbol sentences

Writing –Writing captions and key words


Key Stage 4

Writing- Space poems and non-fiction facts

Reading -  Creating simple information texts to describe Space

Explanations and labelling- life cycles



Persuasive language to raise awareness/gain support for project

Using selected images from ‘The Island’ to piece together a narrative themselves

Comprehension- describe, predict and interpret at a number of key intervals

Speaking and listening- is it fair how they are treating the stranger? What would you do?  Explain your point of view.


Key Stage 3  - Measures and 2D Shape

Key Stage 4 – 2D and 3D shape

Pattern and Statistics- Tallies, data handling


Global Learning

KS3- Google maps, addresses

KS4- Birmingham  - UK – mapping skills


Identify basic physical geography of Earth

e.g  rivers, oceans,  mountains, forests, deserts.

Scientific Learning

KS3 -  Night and Day

KS4 – Seasons

KS3 and KS4 Sun, Earth, Moon and naming planets our solar system


Food tech- Following recipes and instructions- Making cakes and biscuits


Basic fieldwork- simple compass directions, locational and directional language

Environmental songs

Making observations

Identifying and classifying – plants and animals

Living things and habitats – reproduction (e.g hatching tadpoles, butterflies)

Human reproduction


Work in a small group to design your own Island – what human and physical features would it have?

Decide rules, rights and responsibilities for your island

Music/dance-linked to elements

Science related to natural phenomena, restless earth (e.g volcanoes)




Key stage 3-Art- Marbling and printing

Key stage-4 -  DT mobiles- Textiles- Sewing and Printing

Music – Making soundscapes- Rhythm and Volume. Using different instruments



Physical Education

Key Stage3 – Yoga and Football

Key Stage 4 and 5 – Dance and Football



Key Stage 5


Community inclusion- Getting out and about in the Community – Shops, cafes, library, science museum

Health- Engaging with therapies, RSHE

Independent Living- Preparing drinks and snacks, working in the flat

Employment- Work related learning within school

Arts- Engaging in creative activities- Dance, Music, Pottery, Art

Community inclusion- Volunteering


Community inclusion- Belonging to different groups

Employment- setting up/taking on different roles within the island