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Fox Hollies Special School

Fox Hollies Special School

Year 3

Planet Earth and Our Solar System


Key concept:  Making sense of our world and our role in it, looking to our future

Life Cycles and Ecosystems


Key concept:  Looking after our local environment, taking responsibility

Seeking Refuge


Key concept:  Looking after each other:

Compassion, tolerance, empathy and acceptance

Key text(s)/hook

Key Stage 3

Solar System – Gill Macdonald

Key Stage 4

Goodnight Spaceman- Michelle Robinson and Nick East


The Solar System- Dr.Dhoot


Google earth/Images of Earth/Space

Key text(s)/hook

Key Stage 3 – How do apples grow

Key Stage 4 Secrets of the Vegetable Garden (Shine-A Light Books) Carron Brown

Information texts/photos about wildlife

Possible visit-local farm to see what grows on land.

Possible visit from Hedgehog lady

Possible Balsall Heath farm

Key text(s)/hook

‘The Island’ Armin Greder


‘The Journey’ Francesa anna


Procedural Knowledge: Sequencing and labelling



Rhyming couplets and poetry

Non Fiction facts


Procedural Knowledge: Work within horticulture to undertake a project to help wildlife in the garden.


Work on a project that will attract wildlife into an area/protect that environment and consider looking after the environment.


Procedural Knowledge: Agree basic values/rules for an imaginary island




As above and incorporate rights and responsibilities


KS3- Reading – Colourful Semantics, Symbol sentences

Writing –Writing captions and key words


Key Stage 4

Writing- Space poems and non-fiction facts

Reading -  Creating simple information texts to describe Space.

KS3- Reading – Colourful Semantics, Symbol sentences

Writing - Labelling - life cycles and sequencing

Persuasive language to raise awareness/gain support for project

Key Stage 4 Writing- Sequencing, fact files.

Reading -  Creating simple information texts to describe life cycles.

Using selected images from ‘The Island’ to piece together a narrative themselves

Comprehension- describe, predict and interpret at a number of key intervals

Speaking and listening- is it fair how they are treating the stranger? What would you do?  Explain your point of view.



Key Stage 3  - Measures and 2D Shape

Key Stage 4 – 2D and 3D shape

Key Stage 3- Data Handling-Sorting/Pictograms and Sequencing. Matching and sorting by category, choosing own categories to sort. Transferring information to Pictogram. Sequencing images and objects to show life cycles and use ordinal language to show passing of time, 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th

Key Stage 4Data Handling- Sorting/Tallies/Bar charts and Time

Matching and sorting by categories, transferring information to pictograms and bar charts.

Use language for passing of time, now next, before, after




Global Learning

KS3- Google maps, addresses

KS4- Birmingham  - UK – mapping skills


Identify basic physical geography of Earth

e.g  rivers, oceans,  mountains, forests, deserts.


Scientific Learning

KS3 -  Night and Day

KS4 – Seasons

KS3 and KS4 Sun, Earth, Moon and naming planets our solar system


Food tech- Following recipes and instructions- Making cakes and biscuits



KS3 Features of environment

KS4 Basic fieldwork- locational and directional language

Great bird watch.

Environmental songs


Making observations

Identifying and classifying – plants and animals

KS3- Living things and reproduction (e.g plants and hatching chicks?)

KS4/5 Living things-and reproduction plants hedgehogs/ habitats.


Sequencing, chronology and language of time.

Food technology

Apple/fruit crumble

Fruit salads

Work in a small group to design your own Island – what human and physical features would it have?


Decide rules, rights and responsibilities for your island


Music/dance-linked to elements



Science related to natural phenomena, restless earth (e.g volcanoes)




Key stage 3-Art- Marbling and painting

Key stage-4 -  DT mobiles- Textiles- Sewing and Printing

Music – Making soundscapes- Rhythm and Volume. Using different instruments

Key Stage 3 –Printing and pop art

Key Stage 4- DT -Weaving and collage

Music –Focus on instruments in relation to pitch and rhythm. Create Spring themed musical pieces

Putting on a group performance.


Physical Education

Key Stage3 – Yoga and Football

Key Stage 4 and 5 – Dance and Football

Key Stage 3-Dance and sitting volleyball

Swimming after half term

Key Stage 4- Dance and Yoga


Key Stage 5


Community inclusion- Getting out and about in the Community – Shops, cafes, library, science museum

Health- Engaging with therapies, RSHE

Independent Living- Preparing drinks and snacks, working in the flat

Employment- Work related learning within school

Arts- Engaging in creative activities- Dance, Music, Pottery, Art

Community inclusion- Volunteering in community, looking after environment.

Health- Engaging with therapies, RSHE, Exercise

Independent Living- Making healthy snacks

Employment- Work related learning within school

Arts- Engaging in creative activities- Dance, Music, Pottery, Photography

Community inclusion- Belonging to different groups

Employment- setting up/taking on different roles within the island