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Fox Hollies Special School

Fox Hollies Special School


Pathway 2   Curriculum Overview - Autumn  Term – 2022  -  Planet Earth and our Solar system        



Global Learning

Number and Counting

  • Reading Topic book for term – Goodnight Spaceman- Michelle Robinson

 Scientific Learning

Key Stage 3- Night and day, planets and the solar system.

Key Stage 4- Seasons, planets and the solar system.

Geographical knowledge

Key Stage 3- School environment and directions. Where we live, google maps.

Key Stage 4- Birmingham and UK on maps and globes, google maps.

Food technology

Key Stage 3 and 4

Making biscuits and cakes- Rock cakes, different shaped biscuits. Decoratig with space theme

Key Stage 5

Preparing a range of drinks and snacks

  • Daily opportunities for Number and Counting within a range of lessons and daily practical experiences.
  • Maths songs and games, counting forwards and backwards.
  • Counting objects, addition and subtraction.
  • Number recognition, rote counting.
  • Group Maths games
  • Key Stage 3- Solar System-Gill Macdonald
  • Key Stage 4 – The Solar System – Dr. Dhoot
  • Weekly reading of Rapid reading/PM reading and Symbols making sense scheme books.
  • Personalised symbol books based on Earth and Space
  • Daily opportunities for reading symbols, cue cards and symbol sentences.
  • Sequencing a story.
  • Space poetry

Geometry and Measures


  • Recognising and naming 2D shapes
  • Recognising and naming 3D shapes
  • Making shape pictures, drawing shape pictures
  • Measuring and sorting by size- planets/rockets
  • Measuring heights and using relevant language or sign.. 


  • Writing, tracing and copying key vocabulary, ingredients, names and places related to the topic theme, as well as individually motivating / relevant words.
  • Making posters for Space
  • Writing invitations and making cards.
  • Writing ingredients and instructions for snacks.
  • Writing simple poems, writing captions and labels
  • Writing captions


Physical Education

Speaking and Listening

Assembly themes and RE - All Key stages

  • Daily access to movement activities at playtimes.
  • Weekly PE sessions– KS3- Football and Yoga
  • KS4 and 5- Dance and Space movement
  • Weekly access to school community including the garden and access to trampoline.
  • Expressive communication through PECS, using Communication books, Makaton and vocalising.
  • Group storytelling and turn taking, listening and responding to requests.
  • Teaching topic related vocabulary and signs, modelling key words and sentences.
  • Using colourful semantics approach to build vocabulary and structure.
  • Listening and following instructions.
  • Welcome back to school
  • Recycling
  • International day of peace
  • Black History
  • World homeless day/Anti Slavery day
  • Diwali
  • Guy Fawkes
  • Anti Bullying
  • Road Safety
  • Human rights

Art – All Key Stages

RHSE- SRE – All key stages

Preparing for Adulthood  Key Stage 5

  • Key Stage 3- Colour mixing and printing- making planet pictures and mobiles. Painting, marbling and collage.
  • Key Stage 4 and 5

Pottery with Artist in residence

Design and technology- Sewing and textiles skills, printing on material.

This is me

  •  My friendships and relationships
  • Getting on with other people
  • People who are special to me
  • My qualities
  • Discrimination and prejudice


  • Families and close relationships
  • Respecting and caring for others
  • Positive relationships
  • Anti Bullying week November 14th

Daily experiences and activities under the 4 PFA outcomes, both as part of a small group and individualised and personally relevant:

1.Employment – Work related learning around  the school, cleaning and organising in food tech room and flat.

2. Independent Living – Cooking skills, household skills and cleaning in flat.

3. Community Inclusion – Visits to a range of community settings- Different shops, cafes, park, library and museum.

4. Health- Preparing healthy meals and snacks. Engaging in exercise, physio programmes and therapies to promote wellbeing.