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Fox Hollies Special School

Fox Hollies Special School

Pathway 2

Curriculum Overview – Autumn  Term – 2023  -  Role Models



Global Learning

Number and Counting

Reading Topic books for term – Key Stage 3- Maria Isabel Sanchez Vegara- Marcus Rashford, Florence Nightingale

Key Stage 4 - Maria Isabel Sanchez Vegara- David Attenborough, Greta Thunberg

 Historical Learning

Key Stage 3-Compare role models/influential people from now and long ago- Florence Nightingale to modern day nurses. Compare aspects of life then and now. Use language related to passing of time.  

Key Stage 4- Compare influential people and their childhood/lifestyle from now and long ago- David Attenborough and Greta Thunberg look at differences in aspects of life, clothing etc. Sequencing and making comparisons through use of books and images, identify differences between old and new.

Scientific learning Key Stage 3- Human changes from birth to adulthood. Sequencing how we grow. My growth.

Key Stage 4- Human changes form birth to old age. Stages of growth

Food technology   Key Stage 3 and 4 Making simple snacks including sandwiches and pizza. Making different types of bread. Key Stage 5 Preparing a range of drinks and snacks.

Horticulture - Key Stage 3- Improving an area of the garden, creating a raised bed and planting seeds and bulbs.

Key stage 4 and 5- Improving the garden grounds, clearing and weeding, planting a vegetable patch and creating a herb garden.

  • Daily opportunities for Number and Counting within a range of lessons and daily practical experiences.
  • Maths songs and games, counting forwards and backwards.
  • Counting objects, addition and subtraction.
  • Number recognition, rote counting.
  • Weekly reading of Rapid reading/PM reading and Symbols making sense scheme books.
  • Personalised symbol books based on Role models and people who help us.
  • Daily opportunities for reading symbols, cue card and symbol sentences.
  • Sequencing - sequencing a sentence and using colourful semantics.

Measures and Sequencing


  • Key Stage 3- Size ordering
  • Measuring and comparing height, ordering by size, use of language big/small and tall/short
  • Sequencing – how we grow from baby to adult. Compare sizes.
  • Key Stage 4- Measures- using standard and non -units
  • Measure and compare height, shoe size, hand spans. Use cubes, tape measures, rulers to measure.
  • Writing, tracing and copying key vocabulary, ingredients, names and places related to the topic theme, as well as individually motivating / relevant words.
  • Writing ingredients and instructions for food tech.
  • Key stage 3 Create pupil personal passports- Interests, likes in Arts/Music/Dance/TV/Sports- Practise speaking and recording personal information with symbols and writing.
  • Key stage 4 Choose a role model to research. Write simple explanations, provide captions. Add descriptive words to describe traits and characteristics.


Physical Education

Speaking and Listening

Assembly themes and RE - All Key stages

  • Daily access to movement activities at playtimes.
  • Weekly PE sessions– KS3- Group games and dance
  • KS4 and 5- Dance and Games skills
  • Weekly access to school community including the garden and access to trampoline.
  • Expressive communication through PECS, using Communication books, Makaton and vocalising.
  • Use of symbols and words to talk about interests and likes.
  • Teaching topic related vocabulary and signs, modelling key words and sentences.
  • Using colourful semantics approach to build vocabulary and structure.
  • Receptive Communication -Group games and turn taking, listening and responding to requests.
  • Listening and following instructions.
  • Return to School
  • Fairtrade Fortnight
  • Jeans for Genes 
  • International Day of Peace 21st Sept
  • World Homeless Day
  • Recycle Week
  • Diwali 
  • Remembrance Day
  • Anti-bullying Week
  • Road Safety Week
  • Our Heroes
  • Advent
  • Human Rights Day
  • Christmas




Creative Learning– All Key Stages

RHSE – All key stages

Preparing for Adulthood  Key Stage 5

  • Key Stage 3-Collage and drawing—Self portraits- use of different mediums to create portraits, tracing their faces, making Andy Warhol prints with their photographs.
  • Key Stage 4 and 5

Self-portraits using pastel and charcoal. Design and technology Creating face sculptures with clay and mod roc.

  • Music –Key Stage 3- Working with artist in residence, create sound recordings using vocals and other instruments.
  • Key Stage 4 and 5- Exploring rhythm and loud and quiet sounds with a range of instruments- Working as a group to create a musical piece for end of year school performance.

This is Me- KS3- My new school my new friends, Getting on with others, People who are special to me. KS4  My personal Qualities, Prejudice and Discrimination

Relationships KS3  Families and Close Positive Relationships, Caring Friendships managing hurt, Safe Relationships – Respecting ourselves and others

KS4 Positive Relationships and Values, Forming and Maintaining Respectful Relationships.


Daily experiences and activities under the 4 PFA outcomes…

1.Employment – Work related learning around  the school, cleaning and organising in food tech room and flat.

2. Independent Living – Cooking skills, household skills and cleaning in flat. 3. Community Inclusion – Visits to a range of community settings- Different shops, cafes, park, library and art museum. 4. Health-  Preparing healthy meals and snacks. Engaging in exercise, physio programmes and therapies to promote well-being.