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Fox Hollies Special School

Fox Hollies Special School


Pathway 2                Curriculum Overview – Spring Term 2024 – Olympics



Global Learning

Number and Counting


 Key Stage 3 -

Splash- Clare Cashmore

Key stage 4 -Ready Steady Mo!’ Kes Gray

Geographical Learning

Key Stage 3- Features and landmarks in Paris

Key Stage 4- Similarities and differences between Paris and Birmingham

Scientific learning Key Stage 3- Keeping healthy- John Foster Healthy living- Impact of lifestyle on health- Sleep, diet, exercise

Key Stage 4- Your amazing body- Roderick Hunt Human body- health and fitness, Nutrition Digestive system.

Food technology   Key Stage 3 – French yoghurt cake with different flavours/French apple cake, Palets Bretons- French butter biscuits Key Stage 4/5 – Making French toast, French onion biscuits and baguettes

Key Stage 5 Preparing a range of drinks and snacks.

Horticulture - Key Stage 3- Improving an area of the garden, creating a raised bed and planting seeds and bulbs. Planting onions

Key stage 4 and 5- Looking after the creatures in environment- Big bird watch Growing vegetables, planting a herb garden, growing herbs and potted plants to sell at Enterprise event. Planting onions and garlic

  • Daily opportunities for Number and Counting within a range of lessons and daily practical experiences.
  • Daily calendar, date and days of week.
  • Maths songs and games, counting forwards and backwards.
  • Counting objects, addition and subtraction.
  • Number recognition, rote counting.
  • Weekly reading of Rapid reading/PM reading and Symbols making sense scheme books.
  • Personalised symbol books based
  • Daily opportunities for reading symbols, cue card and symbol sentences.
  • Sequencing - sequencing a sentence and using colourful semantics.
  • Key Stage 3 - reading key action words/symbols/use of colourful semantics
  • Key stage 4- reading key sports words/symbols/use of dictionaries

2D shape, Pattern, 3D shape


  • Key Stage 3- 2D shape- Flags of the world, matching, naming and recognising shapes. Making flags with paper shapes.
  • Pattern – Repeating patterns with sports equipment/different sports
  • Key Stage 4-
  • 2D shape- Flags of the world- naming and finding shapes, recognising features of shapes, drawing shapes to create flags.
  • 3D shape – Naming and finding 3D shapes- link to France and Olympics- Olympic torch/podium etc. Finding 2D shapes within 3D shapes


  • Writing, tracing and copying key vocabulary, ingredients, names and places related to the topic theme, as well as individually motivating / relevant words.
  • Writing ingredients and instructions for food tech.
  • Key stage 3 – Writing action words, sports related words, sentence writing
  • Key stage 4 Create a fact file about Mo Farah

Physical Education

Speaking and Listening

Assembly themes and RE - All Key stages

  • Daily access to movement activities at playtimes.
  • Weekly PE sessions– KS3- Group games- relays and races
  • KS4 and 5- Dance and Games skills- relays and races
  • Weekly access to school community including the garden and access to trampoline.
  • Expressive communication through PECS, using Communication books, Makaton and vocalising.
  • Use of symbols and words to talk about interests and likes.
  • Teaching topic related vocabulary and signs, modelling key words and sentences.
  • Using colourful semantics approach to build vocabulary and structure.
  • Receptive Communication -Group games and turn taking, listening and responding to requests.
  • Listening and following instructions.



  • New year
  • Martin Luther King
  • Chinese New Year
  • Internet Safety
  • Valentine’s Day
  • World book day
  • World water day
  • Red Nose Day




Creative Learning– All Key Stages

RHSE – All key stages

Preparing for Adulthood  Key Stage 5

  • Key Stage 3-Printing and pattern—Printing techniques to create pattern, use of pattern blocks, printing onto fabric
  • Key Stage 4 and 5

Design and technology Clay and 3D design (Link to 3D shape)- Olympic torches, Olympic rings, trophies/cups

  • Music –Key Stage 3- Working with artist in residence, create sound recordings using vocals and other instruments.
  • Key Stage 4 and 5- Exploring music at different speeds, work to creating a piece of music to go with a Drama/Music performance at the end of term
  • Drama – Story of the Olympics and Mo Farah

Mental health - 5 ways to wellbeing. Emotional health Being Physically active, Self-Care Who can help us? IT Safety

Physical Health  - Healthy diets, Personal hygiene, Illness and medication, Drugs and Alcohol, Sun care, Dental care, First Aid, Safety in the home and in public



Daily experiences and activities under the 4 PFA outcomes…

1.Employment – Work related learning, doing laundry; cleaning and organising in food tech room and the flat. Exploring sequencing and sorting and measure through functional skills.

2. Independent Living –Looking after their own environment by developing cooking skills, household skills and cleaning in the flat.

 3. Community Inclusion – Caring for the environment, looking at Visits to a range of community settings- different shops, cafes, park, library and the arts.

  4. Health-  Developing independent living skills: Being healthy by preparing healthy meals and snacks; choosing healthy options; connecting and interacting with others; engaging in a range of sports, engaging with physio programmes and developing skills in personal hygiene.